Burial eligibility at a Post Cemetery is limited to retired Armed Forces Veterans (including reservists) receiving retirement pay, their dependents, and to members who died on active duty. Wives / husbands and dependent family members may be buried in the same plot regardless of date of death.

Grave–site reservations are not accepted. Individual plots are consecutively utilized as the need occurs. To explain: If the last burial was made in section 15 Row H number 10, the next burial would be in section 15, Row H, number 11 and so on.

The government provides the burial site, grave excavation and back–fill, a headstone and perpetual maintenance. The headstone is a standard government, white, upright monument.

All other funeral and burial costs, including the burial vault, are borne by the survivors. A suitable area for ceremonies at the Cemetery is maintained. Grave–site rites are not encouraged. Procurement of an Honor Guard, if desired, is a next–of–kin responsibility. Phone numbers for this purpose will be furnished by the Cemetery office upon request.

Burial arrangements may be made by a phone call from an individual or the funeral home. A Burial Certificate, government form DD 214 and a few items of the deceased’s personal data and the desired date and time of burial is all the Post Cemetery office requires.

Burials may be made Monday through Friday except on a Federal Holiday. No ceremony / burial will be started after 2 P.M (Exceptions for a Saturday a.m. burial possible).

Arrangements can be made for burial of urns in advance of a family grave–side gathering or other ceremony.